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The Wine Weekend On Upper Blaauwklippen Valley

Winter should be celebrated and not spent hiding away being grey and dull. Life should be lived to the fullest regardless of the season ~I'm a proud Winter baby and Winter in the Cape Winelands to me means; deep red wines, toasty fires and belly-warming meals.

If you're looking to make some special memories this winter... then I know of a weekend away in the Blaauwklippen Valley situated in Stellenbosch. Be Prepared for a weekend stay at luxury cottage accommodation, fine wines, winter warming food and plenty of fun.

The weekend away will take place on Friday, August 2nd. Guests will check-in at Mont Angelis, where you're sure to experience a warm and welcoming stay at their luxury cottage accommodation. The festivities will start with a divine wine tasting and a special dinner at gorgeous De Trafford.

I always say the best way to start the day is with a glass of incredible wine, I mean isn't that what Saturday mornings were made for?! Guests will start the next morning at the dreamy Dornier Wine Estate for a wine tasting featuring their fine wines.

Wine Tasting at Dorneir will be followed by lunch and wine tasting at Kleinood. Guests will end off at Waterford Wine Estate with a chocolate and wine pairing tasting and they will checkout on Sunday morning, August 3rd.

Booking are limited, so grab your space ASAP!!! xox

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