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Public Relations and Collaborations 

The Wine Fox would love to collaborate with your business and can assist with the following

Press Releases and Media Drops

The Wine Fox loves hearing about what's new in the Winelands and happening with you, then sharing it with our readers. Please send us your press releases or invite The Wine Fox to write about your latest news.


Releasing a new wine?

Let The Wine Fox review your wine with some clever content creation and information about your estate/brand. Are you hosting a wine-related event let us help promote it and share the love.


Terms & Conditions of Press Release

For events, 2 tickets should be issued to The Wine Fox in exchange for a website and social media exposure. 

Bonus, you'll get on the day event exposure via The Wine Fox Instagram stories.


For a press release regarding wine and other merchandise, a sample must be sent to The Wine Fox.

The Wine Fox cannot promote a product that we're unfamiliar with. Please also note if we are unsatisfied with the quality we're not liable to promote it as we work on a trust basis with our readers and only will promote brands and products we endorse.


Booze free roads

The Wine Fox has a very strict anti-drinking and driving policy that we adhere to and do not accept invites to wine events unless safe transportation is provided and the safety of guest media attendees seen as a priority. Please note that this doesn't include Southern Suburb and CBD events.


To collaborate with The Wine Fox please email us and request our 2020 Social Media pricelist



Click PDF file to see The Wine Fox lastest Media Kit Jan 2020



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