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Synchronize summer sipping with Ernie Els Wines

The Ernie Els Tasting center may be currently closed for renovation...but as you know wine can be sipped here, there and why not try Ernie's wines at my next best location? May I suggest the pool with your mates wallowing around on some floaties under the South Africa sun.

Recently on a hot January day, that's exactly what I got up to with one of my favourite humans and dear friend Lisa ( Polka Dots 'n Wine). I wanted rosé and she wanted Chenin so we ended up synchronize sipping our way into heaven because two bottles are never a crowd and always aloud! These two refreshing beauties were just what we need to cool us down and start clowning around.

I've still never visited Ernie Els which is situated in the Golden Triangle of Stellenbosch and a stone throw away from Hidden Valley. I'm eagerly awaiting the reopening of Ernie Els's brand new tasting room and restaurant. When it comes to Ernie Els you know he strives for utter excellence. Hopefully, I'll be sharing my visit with you soon.

Ernie Els Big Easy rosé & Chenin Blanc

The 2018 harvest season will be remembered as the drought season. At Ernie Els Wines, they are very blessed to have bountiful water on the Helderberg. However, still careful with their water use during the summer months leading up to harvest. They've also been working hard to adapt our viticultural techniques during the past 3 years to help the vineyards cope optimally with heat and limited irrigation. The drought was further buffered by a surprisingly and fancifully cooler season.

Due to the somewhat buffered circumstances, the vines reacted gracefully to the drought with no abnormal growth patterns observed. Vine canopies were kept nice and thin for sunlight, and of course, less leaves means less water needed. Vines are resilient plants and their natural instinct in drier years is to produce small bunches with smaller berries. Small berries are usually the start of a great wine and 2018 was no different. The wines from the 2018 vintage appear to have great vintage specific concentration.

With moderate, but warm days during December and January, Ernie Els saw the start of harvest return to its normal date. The uninterrupted warmth during harvest also helped the bunches reach optimal ripeness while the berries steadily developed their flavours over a slightly longer period of time.


Release date 1 December 2018

Varietal Composition Shriaz 93% Viognier 7% Harvest Feb & March 2018

Alc 11.60%

The Rosé from the 2018 vintage appears fresh and with good flavours. 


The light-bodied Big Easy Rosé is pale salmon in colour, but rich in character and elegant in composure. Produced predominantly from Shiraz, it offers beautiful fragrance, delicate fruit and a savoury edge. Juicy citrus and dried strawberry lines the palate with a dash of floral notes from the Viognier component, making for intriguing and yet uncomplicated drinking. Vibrant, fruity and almost saline, the finish is clean and lip-smackingly fresh. Beautifully dry, delicious and refined, this is a classic Rosé that can be enjoyed with or without food.


R 998.00 per case (12 bottles) R 83.17 per bottle


Release date October 1st 2018

Varietal Composition Chenin Blanc 100%

Vineyards Paarl Harvest February 2018

Alc 13.25

Accolades Vitis Vinfera Gold


The Big Easy Chenin is punchy and concentrated in the dry 2018 vintage. Ripe kumquat, summer melon, straw and hints of spice on the nose lead to a deep, fruity palate. It is crisp and fresh, but offers a soft and creamy mouthfeel. The fruit is ripe and easy-going, but the palate ends dry and savoury, suggesting excellent versatilty with food. The finish is long and nutty, maintaining notes of citrus throughout. 


R 998.00 per case (12 bottles) R 83.17 per bottle

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