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Mutiny Aromatic Bitters a must for any home Mixologist

Mutiny Aromatic Bitters is West Coast Distillery's version of the traditional and most common bitters found on the market.

Its’ balance between taste and aroma is perfect, a true compliment to many cocktails and even soft drink’ mixers such as the very popular Rock Shandy.

Their Orange Bitters has a unique bitter and sweet taste, with a distinct Orange and Cinnamon aroma on the nose. A gorgeous addition to many cocktails and it adds an especially pleasant taste twist to the traditional cocktail, An Old Fashioned. But it doesn’t stop there. Experimentation is your best drinking buddy with this one!

Our Rooibos Bitters is a world first, and we are very excited about it! The balance between bitter, sweet and Rooibos sends tingles from the palate to the toes. The possibilities are endless with this flavour enhancer. The recipe was developed with the popular Rock Shandy soft drink in mind, but this time with a mutinous dash of Rooibos instead of just the traditional Aromatic. Rooibos Rock Shandy has to be tried, but don’t stop there, add a dash to compliment a Caspyn Gin & Tonic and of course a large

selection of cocktails.

Between the 3 varients of Mutiny Bitters a total of 18 botanicals are used to make up the recipies.

All botanicals are placed in cheese cloth and each infused separately in Alcohol with an ABV of 40% for between one week and 2 months, depending on the Botanical.

They are then suspended and allowed to gravity strain for approximately 5 days.

Each botanical is then pressed on our manual wine press to ensure we efficiently draw all the goodness and flavour out of each botanical.

The individual infusions are then mixed to recipe, soft filtered and allowed to settle for approximately one week. They then bottle and hand wrap the labels, ready for distribution.

Mutiny bitters are made in the true essence of ‘hand-crafted’!

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