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KWV Cruxland Gin scores a trifecta with another win at 2020 World Gin Awards

Cape Town–With the ever increasing popularity of gin, KWV Cruxland Gin is proud to announce that it has yet again secured the title as the Best South African London Dry Gin at the prestigious 2020 World Gin Awards.

For the third consecutive year, the coveted liquid secured an overall category win during the awards’ first round of its country results on 15 January at Glaziers Hall in London. Meticulously judged by more than 20 gin experts including celebrated distillers, writers and gin afficionados, the authoritative World Gin Awards creates a global stage for the very best gins produced around the world according to internationally recognised gin styles: London Dry Gin, Signature Botanical,Matured Gin and Flavoured Gin–to mention but a few.

Cruxland Gin had to compete with 87 gins from 27 countries entered in this year’s London Dry Gin category. This category is focused on juniper-forward, traditional-style gins produced in accordance with the London Gin production technique. The process entails that all flavours must be added through distillation in the presence of natural materials. Only after distillation, water and neutral spirit may be added. Furthering technique specifications, the gin must be bottled at a minimum of 37.5% ABV.KWV Cruxland is the world’s very first London-style Dry Gin to be infused with a total of nine exotic signature botanicals, and the heart of this fragrant bouquet, notes of the incredibly rare Kalahari N’abbas, affectionally known as‘Kalahari truffles’. This rare ‘fungi’ which only grows for a limited period after the arid landscape has enjoyed its first rains, was once served to African kings and is an addition that gin lovers won’t find in other gin, anywhere in the world.

It gives Cruxland Gin its distinct earthy character, enhanced with notes of fresh juniper, lemon, coriander and spices.For the hardworking distilling team at KWV, this recognition sets the tone for what they hope is another prestigious 2020. Says Pieter de Bod, Master Distiller: “The KWV spirits team is very honoured for receiving this award. Cruxland is very special to us. We try to produce Cruxland to the new western style of gins–less prominent botanicals and spices, with intense juniper notes. Cruxland is also the only London Dry Gin made from grape spirit, so we are very proud.”

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