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Welcome The Sun This Season With Van Loveren's Awesome Perlé-And-Prawn Combo

When the sun beats down and the cool water's calling, you know just one drink will do: Perlé de Jean. The latest vintage of this delicious and refreshing Pinot Grigio rosé is now available and flying off the shelves. The salmon-pink wine launched last year by Van Loveren Family Vineyards to great acclaim for its vivacious taste and elegant design. The wine quickly became the sunshine beverage to enjoy, especially when seafood's on the menu. Perlé de Jean is just perfect with prawns, whether they're flame-grilled on a stick, marinated, spiced, curried, or served in pasta or smothered in paprika aioli. Now, the 2019 vintage of Perlé de Jean extends the fun. Its charm captivates with an aroma of ripe, fresh red berries, citrus zest and melon. Every sip is a bracing, summer kiss delivered on a featherlight bed of tiny, pearl bubbles.

The source of the wine's title is more than just a story. Perlé de Jean gets its name from the late and effervescent matriarch to the Retiefs of Van Loveren. The label design is a loving tribute to her and the magnificent garden she and husband Hennie established with the estate in 1939. Many of the trees they planted together over the years commemorate special occasions and historic figures, including intimate family events such as the births of 11 grandchildren. Now a lush paradise, the garden at the home of Van Loveren in the Robertson Wine Valley is open to visitors and remains a popular, year-round destination to this day. Perlé de Jean reflects this vibrancy inside and out. The wine is made from Pinot Grigio, a red wine grape that Van Loveren harvests at night to ensure its plump, fresh fruitiness is retained from vineyard to bottling. As far as ascertained, the wine was South Africa’s first perlé-styled Pinot Grigio rosé when it was released. Now it's firmly established as a drink of choice wherever the sun shines. Apart from prawns and seafood, Perlé de Jean is also a great fit when served with chicken, summer salads, cold cuts and vegetarian dishes. Serve it chilled and enjoy responsibly. Perlé de Jean Pinot Grigio is available at Checkers, Makro, Food Lover's Market and selected Spar and Tops@Spar stores. It sells for around R69.99. Be sure to stay in touch with Van Loveren Family Vineyards for all the latest news. Follow on Facebook, Twitter @vanloverenwines, Pinterest and Instagram (van_loveren), or visit

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