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Lazy languid days at Louisvale

I've explored many wine growing districts in Stellenbosch, but had yet to visit any wine estates in Devon Valley. Recently when doing some Instagram scrolling I stumbling across photos of Louisvale that really grabbed my attention. I was amazed by the uniqueness and beauty of the estate with its unusually striking artistic building, stunning views and colourful culinary dishes that were screaming my name to come try. I decided it was time for a visit to this Chardonnay estate (my favourite white varietal).

The drive though Devon Valley is lush and budding with greenery, when you arrive you are met with rolling views and peaceful silence. I know this word gets thrown around a lot but Louisvale really is a hidden gem and not well known to the public. I couldn't wait to get fully emerged in the views, wines and food and discover the true essence of what Louisvale is about.

From Vine to Design at Louisvale

Louisvale has a brand new tasting center and restaurant which opened last year April. The building took two years to build and was designed by award-winning architect, Christof Albertyn who had the vision to merge African and European building traditions.

The building was designed to represent the nomadic Khoekhoen Khoisan tribe who built the first man-made domed homestead structure in the Devon Valley area. The Khoekhoen tribes main source of food was beautiful Abalone shellfish that flourish in great abundance in the Gordons Bay area. I definitely think the building design really pulled off what it was trying to impart with the tortoise dome structure of the Khoekhoen and the windows making you feel like you were inside an Abalone shell. Even the floors are bejewled with rainbow pieces of the Abalone Shell. What I liked the most about the design is that even when you're inside you feel like you're outside. I struggled to choose a place to sit, as everywhere looked so appealing and there were many different options each amazing in their own way.

The venue is also available for functions and can seat 150 people comfortably.

From the Vine

Louisvale started producing wines in 1988 and prides itself on its signature award winning Chardonnay wines and for being one of South Africa’s pioneers of this cultivar. Louisvale is passionate about the ‘Art of Chardonnay” and is tirelessly committed to the task of crafting and creating some exceptional Chardonnay wines.

So far, Louisvale has won numerous prestigious wine awards and has just won three Golds at the recent Michaelangelo awards (4th of October) for its 2018 Chardonnay, and for its Brut and Rose MCC wines.

Since 1994 the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have been sourced from the neighbouring vineyard where the winemaker, Simon Smith of 22 years, partners with the owner in managing the vines to Louisvale‘s exact specifications to ensure the wines retain their Louisvale character.

Below are photos of the wines that made my knees weak

The Cuisine Team

The restaurant at Louisvale focusses on dishes that feature only fresh produce, so as the seasons change, so do the Louisvale menus. Executive chef Kirstie du Toit studied at The Culinary Academy (TCA) at Backsberg and comes from a family of bakers and farmers. She and her team are dedicated to delighting and tantalizing your palate with original and delicious home-made food.

My favourite dish out of the day was this Snoek starter.

Cheese Platter

Squid ink Gnocchi with crispy bacon

Pork Belly

Big thanks to the warm attentive staff at Louisvale and huge cheers for being outstandingly tight knitted and a passionate team ...I was truly blown away!

Contact Louisvale directly: +27 21 865 2422

Trading hours - Mondays to Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm daily



Cheers to the Chardonnay life darlings... 🍷🦊

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