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Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate launches sculpture park and gallery in Collaboration with artist an

Once you think Benguela Cove Wine Estate has reached its full potential with a plethora of offerings including food, wine and art, it introduces yet another reason to visit the estate. Owner of Benguela Cove, Penny Streeter OBE, set out to merge food, wine and art on a collective platform to celebrate its importance in the South African hospitality industry.

"These art forms embrace the rich heritage, natural produce and talent in South Africa. The terroir is celebrated through exceptional wine, local produce is honoured with delicious food and now the art of a master South African sculptor will also grace our premises." - Owner, Penny Streeter OBE

The sculpture park and gallery has been open for viewing from 1 October 2019 and the official launch was on the 26th of October and unveiled all 40 pieces, led by the work called Oblivion of the Waves with a formal introduction by Smit and Streeter.

Internationally revered for his sculptures that often includes monumental pieces like heads and masks, his work graces public and private collections all over South Africa and the world, his latest 7-meter-tall piece acquired by the city council of Ghent in Belgium. But his work also communicates something vulnerable and delicate, Smit explains.

“Oblivion of the Waves will suit its new home at Benguela Cove, so close to the sea. This work investigates the landscape of the soul, offering a fleeting glimpse of eternity. The dimness of our reflection in the mirror of the universe leaves us gasping for immortality as we sink into the abyss of the self.” Each work is accompanied by a poem or excerpt of a poem that reaches into Smit’s heart. “My work is driven by faith; the spiritual essence of every piece is an answer to that inner call.” It was not an easy journey for the award-winning sculptor Anton Smit to pursue his calling and to stay true to his gift to create these larger than life artworks that he has become renowned for. His journey is reminiscent of what Streeter faced as a young woman, driven by self-belief regardless of setbacks to make a dream come true. Today, owner and founder of the A24 medical recruitment group as well as the growing hospitality enterprise Benguela Collection, Streeter is ready to embark on another venture, this time in collaboration with Smit and embracing art with presence and personality.

This exhibition is the first chapter of what is planned to become a world-renowned art and sculpture park at Benguela Cove’s sister property in the United Kingdom, Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens. The painstaking journey of the Streeter-family to revive the once flourishing Leonardslee Gardens in Horsham in the south of England, awoken a slumbering garden that has now been restored to it natural and breath-taking beauty. “We are overwhelmed with joy and the hard work paid o to reintroduce this garden to the people. Looking at the vast spaces and the spectacle of colour, I could envision the grounds being graced with similarly powerful works of art,” Streeter explains the moment of realisation that made her reach out to Smit to discuss a collaboration and prospects of a sculptor park. This was only the start, Smit explains.

“We met up with Penny to discuss the possibilities at Leonardslee, but before we knew it we were discussing the inclusion of Benguela Cove. The meeting painted a larger picture to include the estate in this journey and the decision was literally made between sentences that now holds the promise of something more beautiful than you can imagine.” The works that will be on display at Benguela Cove will vary from pieces the size of a man’s first to some sculptures standing three metres tall. The art will be open for viewing seven days a week.

Read more about Benguela Cove here: Benguela Cove

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