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Weltevrede Turkish delight wine popsicles and cocktail

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Weltevrede is enticing us to Ditch the Drama this summer with their sweet Turkish Delight Rosè

Ladies and gents hold onto your hats, because this summer Weltevrede Wine Estate brings you Turkish Delight *insert rollicking rom-com tunes*. It's a tale as old as time, the story of unexpected love that blossomed into a splendid (yet quirky) union. Gewürztraminer is a seductive cultivar with some spicy German swagger, while Pinot Noir is an alluringly serious varietal with gorgeous hidden depths. Bring the two together and it's a love story for the ages, resulting in a tantalizing semi-sweet rosé that sings of litchi, rose petals and candy floss. In the spirit of this off-beat romance, Weltevrede invite you to join them in getting a little bit whimsical with your wine.

Dust off your sense of mischief, relocate your funny bone and leave the snobbishness at the door, because Turkish Delight is all about tasty high jinks and delectable shenanigans. In fact, we're going to double-dare you to think beyond the same old, same old wine-in-a-glass, and dress up Turkish Delight in your favourite summertime guise. Popsicles, spritzers, cocktails, you name it - this daring dame always brings her A-game.

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