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Meet my perfect picnic partner 2019 Lighthouse Collection Rosé by Benguela Cove

Rosé has to be my all the favourite refreshing summer drink of all time. This fox has spent many a summer day glugging the sun away on bottles Rosé. This week I visited the Kristenbosch Botanical gardens where I setup a gorgeous picnic spread in the Protea gardens and spent the whole afternoon sipping away on the perfect picnic food partner: 2019 Lighthouse Collection Dry Rosé by Benguela Cove. 2019 Lighthouse Collection Dry Rosé by Benguela Cove: My refreshing picnic assistant varieties are Syrah & Sauvignon Blanc Notes: A delicious medley of fruit, florals and candied aromas. Vibrant character is marked with expressions of strawberries, watermelon, and cherry-nougat, tailed by notes of citrus, pineapple, and lemon verbena. And yes, it is as mouth-watering as it sounds. Retail R110.00 Fun Fact: Many of the first recorded wines were rosé, light libations made by watering down field blends of combined white and red grapes. In ancient Greece, it was considered civilized to dilute wine. There was a widespread belief that only barbarians—drunkards who raped and murdered—drank pure wine.🧐

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