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KWV Cathedral Cellar | P Party

I was recently invited by Izele van Blerk (Winemaker of the KWV The Mentors range) to the KWV Cathedral Cellar in Paarl for a lavish 'P' party, which revolved around the private launch of three new vintage releases; The Mentors Pinotage, Petit Verdot and Perold.

Izele van Blerk Winemaker of the KWV The Mentors range

These three award-winning P wines would be exquisitely paired with a four-course top-notch lunch prepared and designed by Chef Mynhardt Joubert, who is the exclusive chef to the KWV Cathedral.

The Cathedral Cellar at KWV in Paarl is by far the most beautiful cellar I've been in to date with its rainbow stained glass arch windows, dramatic dome ceilings, soft elegant lighting and lined with some of the largest hand-carved decorative vats in the world, with the most breathtaking illustrations of South Africa's wine history carved on them. All this makes for a very impressive venue indeed.

The Cathedral Cellar is available for functions, conferences and weddings and can host up to 120 guests.


My arrival at the KWV Cathedral Cellar was warm and welcoming. I was offered a delicious parma ham and pineapple bite paired with a refreshing pear & thyme bellini.

Four Course Lunch

Chef Mynhardt Joubert had designed a special menu that paired around our three P's (Pinotage, Petite Verdot and Perold). Every dish was excellently plated, flavoursome and worked in harmony with the wines. So far, it has been my favourite meal of 2019....I'll be daydreaming about it for weeks to come.

First Course

Pot Bread, Pea Soup, Pork Belly.

Play on pea and ham soup served with fresh bread. Pea and ham soup deconstructed with fresh pea soup, made with pea shoots and fresh peas served with a white wine jus and aniseed baked mini pot bread.

Served with the Mentors Petit Verdot.

Second Course

Puttanesca Sauce, Pamesan Fried Gnocchi, Pancetta, Pecorino and Parsley Emulsion.

A classic Italian pasta dish with puttanesca sauce made with tomato, olives, anchovies and olive oil served with parmesan crusted pan-fried gnocchi and served with a pecorino. emulsion.

Served with the Mentors Perold Tributum.

Third Course

Pinotage grape preserve, platter of cheese: Blue Rock, Brie and Camembert.

Served with the Mentors Pinotage.

Fourth Course

Pinotage Ice Cream, Peppered Pavlova, Pistachio and Salted Brittle, Charcoal and Wilson Toffee Pannacotta.

Served with the KWV 1949 RUBY PORT (70 YEARS OLD).

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