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Strydom Stellenbosch Artisan Winery


Strydom Stellenbosch Artisan Winery that stands for family, strength, tenacity, reaching for the stars and pursuing excellence in winemaking and life


I recently received two bottles of Strydom Wines from their introduction range, the Retro and Freshman. Before we get into the's a little background information about Strydom.

Rianie Strydom

Rianie's Passion for wine, vineyards and soil started from a very young age and she went on to study and achieve a B.Sc in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Stellenbosch and eventually went on to be the first woman to become a member of the Cape Winemakers.

Strydom currently has five wines in their portfolio the Retro and Freshman and then their artisan range Deniele (Chenin Blanc), Rock Star (Syrah) and Rex (Cabernet Sauvignon).

The Freshman


Sauvignon Blanc




50% Napier Sauvignon Blanc (Napier fruit gives the wine the acidity and minerality)

50% Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc (Stellenbosch fruit gives the wine the broader mouthfeel and tropical fruit sweetness on the nose and palate).

Nose Melon, Guava and gooseberries.


The palate reflects them tropical nose notes.

Wine occasion

A wine to celebrate fresh starts and new journeys, pair with an African sunset or Al fresco lunch.



78% Cabernet Sauvignon

12% Cinsaut

10% Cabernet Franc



Nose Juicy ripe black cherries, raspberries, liquorice, prunes and raisins


Medium bodied wine bursting with red fruit and enticing mouthwatering acidity, a bit of alcohol heat of finish (had some serious legs, and I felt the effects of alcohol after one glass which is rare for me).

Wine occasion

Definitely, a wine to be SHARED with friends around a fire pit, at a braai, or huddling around a toasty fireplace with your loved ones

I really enjoyed my first induction into the world of Strydom Wines, cannot wait to taste their artisan collection. Strydom will be pouring their wines at the Noordhoek Crush wine festival on the 13th of April, so if you're keen to discover their wines book your ticket here

Cheers wine warriors...till next time

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