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The Saldanha Experience

110 km from Cape Town up the West Coast is where you'll find Saldanha a sleepy seaside town famous for its delicious oysters and mussels.

Saldanha Experience Jomeri Mouton

Saldanha is making new waves with its crème de la crème curated experiences rich in Saldanha flavour, showcasing the best of what the town has to offer. Intrigued yet? You should be.

Welcome to the Saldanha Experience brain child of three passionate Saldanha entrepreneurs Kyle Dods, Mart –Mari Wicht and Alexi Silverman who are putting Saldanha on the map with regards to being a fresh new foodie destination.

So what is the Saldanha experience?...Lets take a look. The Saldanha experience is made up of three curated experiences over two days and one night, each experience can be booked individually or as a whole package.

The itinerary

Dinner Experience at Blue Bay Lodge & Resort A five course dinner experience prepared by Chef Luke Wonnacott from Table Seven paired to perfection with stunning Groote Post wines.

Oyster & Boat Experience

Board a boat for a seaside adventure and visit Saldanha Bays Oyster and Mussel Farms, here you'll walk in the shoes of a specialized oyster grower. Learn the art of shucking in style with bubbles in hand

Pop up lunch experience

The last experience was a exquisite seaside feast with a four course lunch prepared by Chef Kyle Dods from The Mussel Monger.

I started the afternoon with a rose & geranium oyster shot, next was a visit to the Villiera bubbly bar to try some of their spectacular MCC's & wines, the rest of the afternoon before the lunch feast began was spent relaxing on the seaside deck bubbles in hand taking in the tranquil aquamarine views of Saldanha Bay.

Lunch was an array of seafood delights.

Charles smoked angel fish, farm butter and artisan bread by Manna Bakery

Next up.....all you can eat oysters and mussels!!!! I wasn't a fan of oysters till I tried the Mussel Monger's, these oysters melt in your mouth like heavenly soft butter (thanks for converting me Mussel Monger).

Dessert was a scrumptious lemon meringue cup cake by Cup of Cake.

I was in a heavenly food coma of happiness by the end of it.


Stayed at the gorgeous Blue Bay Lodge situated right on the beach, staff were friendly and breakfast was delicious

The Saldanha Experience should be on your to do list for 2019

The Saldanha Experience will be adding two more exclusively curated experiences to the mix in 2019

Make sure you don't miss out, follow them on Facebook & Instagram

Photo credit: Jomeri Mouton & The Wine Fox

Till next time wine warriors


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