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What's behind the red door at Perdeberg

Nestled in the rural countryside of Paarl is Perdeberg winery, home on Chenin Blanc and dry land vineyards.

The estate gets its name and identity from the Paardeberg Mountain and its passed striped occupants – the mountain was named after the Cape Zebra that once roamed its graceful slopes and walked the vineyards of Perdeberg.

Perdeberg first started pressing its first grapes manually in 1942, since then they have come a long way. Rather nowadays they are known for their innovative practices and modernized wine making methods which all play a big role when it comes to producing a high-quality standard of wine, which you’ll get you to explore at the friendly passion driven estate.

There are many aspects I love about Perdeberg, but my number one thing is their big hearts and the fact that they make conservation a top priority ~ which is important to me

I was lucky enough to be invited by Perdeberg to visit their winery in Paarl for the launch of their new braai tapas picnic box ~ as a lover of food cooked on flames, I was eager to see if their feast would win the love of my homegrown South African heart.

The estate recently revamped their tasting room, the decor is modern with bright pops of red and black and white to match their Zebra persona.

The day started with a friendly meet and greeting upon arrival, followed by a brief tour of their facilities and some personally much-needed fix me upper energizing coffee while we waited for the other guest to arrive.

Once we were all accounted for, we started our introduction into their Classic Collection and Vineyard Collection range of wines.

The bottles had just been redesigned, which Johan van Dyk, Perdeberg's Marketing Manager (our host), was excited to show us. The new design was most appealing and I had a feeling the wines inside where just as good. I was already a fan of their Grenache Blanc (the first and only Grenache Blanc, I've tried to date) and their Malbec which had impressed me in the past.

Perdeberg Chenin Blanc Classic Collection Very easy drinking wine and great value for money currently retailing at R49.00 On the nose, it was tropical, with flirty passion fruit and mashed ripe golden gooseberries. On the palate it was playful, with fresh balanced acidity, passion fruit, guava and zesty lime finish that left pleasant tingles in your mouth leading you towards your next sip.

This Chenin will pair well with medium & hard cheeses, chicken salad, sushi and summer braais under sunny skies.

Perdeberg Grenache Blanc The Vineyard Collection Johan referred to this wine as twilight as it's known for shimmering (like the Twilight Vampires).

It’s an absolute bargain at R65...again great value for money! This wine was soft and feminine with juicy white peach and pink grapefruit, low acidity and creaminess on the palate and gentle long sweet finish.

This Grenache will pair well with creamy garlic mussels and garlic prawns

Perdeberg Cinsault Dry Rosé The Vineyard Collection I adored this bush vine Cinsault Rosé, it was dry but delicate and went down like a summer dream of sun-kissed berries and tangy cherry sorbet whilst doing cartwheels on the beach, as the sun sets in light hues of rose gold goodbyes.

Perdeberg Malbec The Vineyard Collection A beautifully styled South African Malbec retails for R106 Fruit-forward with dark berries and Christmas cake, great tannin structure that hits the palate like a fruity firework explosion, gently sparkling as it fades away into the night sky, holding your attention until it disappears leaving you captivated by the desire for its next appearance

Wine Tasting Wine Tasting: R30 / 6 wines

When we had finished working our way through the wines. Johan had a little surprise up his sleeve. Trays of fresh fruit, tonic waters and crushed ice were brought in, we were set a task of designing own very own wine cocktails with the choice of using the Chenin Blanc or Cinsault Rose.

I decided to go which the Chenin Blanc as my wine base

the Helicopter: -Chenin Blanc -Crushed ice -Kiwi small cubes -Pineapple small cubes -Papaya thin slices -Pink tonic Water

I really do hope that Perdeberg adds this to their list of bookable activities as it was incredible fun and I haven't seen it offered at other wine estates as of yet.

Next up was lunch, we decided to sit outdoors on the lawn at their picnic tables. I loved how the braai tapas picnic box was presented and all the food was super tasty and cooked to perfection.

Braai Tapas Picnic Box R350 per box for 2 pax Includes a bottle of your choice from the classic collection

Included in the basket

Traditional baby potato salad, Camembert and green fig roosterkoek Marinated free-range chicken and peppers kebab Grass-fed lamb chops Traditional Skilpaaities Giant marshmallow and dark chocolate s’more

Please note that Perdeberg only does two braai sessions a day and booking is essential Session 1: 11:30 Session 2: 12:30

Contact Vanessa at 021 – 869 8244 /

Cheese Platters are also available to purchase

For the kids

There's a lovely jungle gym for the kid enjoy while you sip on wine

Kiddies Box R85.00 (Include flavoured milk)

Kiddies Pairing R40 A flavoured milk paired with a decorate yourself biscuit A fruit juice paired with sugar-coated watermelon sweets An Ice Tea paired with some speckled eggs or dried fruit pieces.

Well known for

Chenin Blanc

Qagga Beer Traditional Afrikaans braai food Good-value everyday wines Warm Afrikaans hospitality Kid-friendly

Pet friendly

Accommodation No

Facilities Events and conference facilities

Opening times Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00 Saturdays and Public Holidays: 09:30 – 15:00 Sundays: Closed Closed on the 25th of December, 26th of December and 1st of January.

Till next time Wine Warriors...may the wine force be with you! 🦊🍷


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