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Bloemcool at Bergbok

I was absolutely delighted when my bottle of Bloemcool Bergbok wine arrive at my door, the presentation and look was down to earth, unique and the bottle was cutely snuggled between cauliflower and broccoli.

The look of the bottle really stood out to me, with regards to the hand stuck on label (I like this because it shows such care and that a job was created instead of using machines) and the fact that the labels are embedded with cauliflower seeds ~ so after enjoying the bottle, you can peel off the label and actually grow your own cauliflower, which I found both innovative and refreshing.


On to the wine


Grenache Blanc 56%

Chenin 41%


Paarl Colour

Beautiful honey gold colour


Earthy and yielding with some fruit complexity flavours of quince, apricot, loquat and ripe banana peel Palate

pleasantly oxidative style with some nuttiness and some earthy notes - good mouthful and palate weight with a well balanced acidity but slightly short on finish. I'd recommed leaving this wine to breathe for 1hr.

Overall all This odd ball was definitely intriguing, I would love to explore more of what Bloemcool has to offer 🥦🍷


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